Our history

Previously known as the Peel Literacy Guild and later as Skills for Employment, Life and Family, The Learning Place has evolved over the past 30 years to continually provide high quality education programming to make a positive impact on the lives of learners.

Peel Region has traditionally had classes for English as a Second Language, however there was no service for basic literacy or life skills training, and Peel Literacy Guild was established to meet this emerging need.

Since 1981, through the former Peel Literacy Guild and Skills for Employment, Life and Family, over 5,000 adults have received literacy training. This training has made a difference in their lives at work, home and in the community by enabling them to participate more fully and with increased independence.

The Learning Place will now carry on this legacy of success and continue to help learners reach their full potential.

Our mission

  • preparing you for life

    The mission of The Learning Place is to provide individuals with valuable literacy education and to help them develop key life skills so they may be self-reliant and live with independence and dignity.

  • Is it really that important here?

    Most people believe that literacy is an issue in Africa, not in their backyards. We provide literacy instruction to the "hardest to serve", people who are illiterate, have learning disabilities, have difficulty getting or sustaining employment, etc.

  • Programs to fit everyone

    From basic literacy classes to employment skills, technology and even writing skills classes designed to enhance workplace-specific writing skills, The Learning Place has something for everyone. Contact us today to find out how we can help you, your family and friends!

  • enhanced technology

    The Learning Place knows how integrated technology is in our lives and how important it is in the workplace. Our learning centers feature laptops and smartboards to improve both the learning process and to give students access to technology to build their life and work skills.

Recent projects

  • Determinants of Community Health

    September 2013-May 2014

    To foster the development of future physicians responsive to changing community and societal needs and concerns. The second year of the Determinants of Community Health (DOCH) course is entitled “Researching Health in the Community”. In this course, students will build upon the knowledge and skills learned in year 1 when students learned about the concepts of health, determinants of health, health promotion, and disease prevention. They also learned about the importance of physicians working with community agencies. In year 2 students work on a research project at a community agency or hospital, applying concepts learned during their first year to investigate health issues and determinants of health affecting specific population groups.

  • NonProfit Marketing and Resource Development

    December 2013

    The purpose of this research was to give MBA students the opportunity of developing a marketing plan for an organization that could not otherwise afford the help of experts to create a resource to build capacity.

  • Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy

    June-July 2014

    In this project students were required to work with us for 7 weeks to create and submit a project proposal for the consultation work. Students researched and presented a plan to create and develop an outreach and literacy awareness effort.


“...I just love their programs. The Learning Place has really helped me prepare for my new office job doing data entry...”

John Franklin

“... My employer wanted me to improve my writing ability so she could promote me to a new position. The Learning Place helped me enhance my vocabulary and refine my written communications skills ...”

Patrick Pool

“... It was difficult for me to read and write before I came to the Learning Place. Now I feel comfortable at work and with friends...”

Jessica Priston

“... To get the job I wanted, I really had to learn all about computers. I was able to practice on a computer and work with instructors that really knew what they were doing. I would recommend them to anyone ...”

Sam Kromstain

You Can Help!

Access to education and opportunities to learn can change someone’s life. Get involved, make an impact, and help one of our learners take the first step toward changing their life.